• Enhance a sustainable development in terms of production, high quality of products and services to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Manufacture high quality and enviromental friendly products.
  • Enhance employee professional competencies.
  • Focus on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Binapuri Sakti's success is due to its solid management policy that envisions a path for constant improvement of Binapuri Sakti's business operations and production lines. Binapuri Sakti's products and services are one of the highest quality products which consistently satisfy our customer needs. Binapuri Sakti's has made the need for environmental friendly products as one of its policy top priorities.

Technology with Quality
The Research & Development team and the Quality Assurance team have played a significant role in assuring Binapuri Sakti's product qualities and services. Hence forth, Binapuri Sakti has invested a massive investments of quality control for the benefits of both it's customer and the agricultural industry.

Incoming Quality Control
All raw materials undergo a strict inspection process through the testing laboratory. Besides the Quality Assurance team experts, we are equipped with advance and specialized equipments such as the GAS Chromatography (GC) and High Perfomance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) computer systems that can measure and control the concentration of Active Ingredient (%AI) to ensure high quality standard.

Product Quality Control
Binapuri Sakti's superior product qualities are achieved through a series of processes, including:

  • Production Line Quality Control
  • Physical Quality Control
  • Chemical Quality Control
  • Packaging Quality Control
  • Logistic Quality Control

Process Quality Control
The entire production process of Binapuri Sakti, beginning from the preparation of raw material for production to the distribution of finished products with employment of clean technology resulting in almost no wastage.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Binapuri Sakti has made a part of its policy to provide all products with a 75 days guarantee from any defects. This guarantee of satisfaction was created as a result of Binapuri Sakti's acknowledgement that it's customer satisfaction is at top.

As Binapuri Sakti strives to do its utmost in the preservation of the environment, all areas of out production are maintained to meet international agriculture industry standards. In fact, all raw material left over are not thrown away but accumulated for usage later on. We ensures that everything is used in the most sustainable and efficient approach.